New Rules

I'm a fucking pendeja. I have no idea what I'm doing. Here I am, getting back into your life. Knowing there's nothing but pain at the end of this road. Knowing there's nothing but pain along the way. Knowing I'm just going to be disappointed and hurt and upset. I should know better. I should… Continue reading New Rules


Either Way

Maybe I'm emotional or maybe I'm actually just hurt. Hurt because you've proven to me time and time again that you don't love or want me. Hurt because I've known and have continued to stay in your life. Hurt because I still love you and would give anything to be with you. But enough is… Continue reading Either Way

Sweet Talk

Will your patience run out before mine? Instead of getting closer, getting better, getting stronger, we're crumbling and falling apart. And you keep letting me take the blame for it all. You keep letting me believe it's all my fault. You keep taking every single word I say and using it against me, you keep… Continue reading Sweet Talk