Too Good at Goodbyes

If you wanted me in your life, I would be in your life. It's as simple as that. I need to say goodbye. I need to cut you out of my life. It would never and will never workout, because that's what you've chosen. You've chosen not to be with me. You've chosen not to… Continue reading Too Good at Goodbyes


Beautiful War

I wrote you a letter. I poured out my heart, my feelings, my soul. I'm sure you've read it by now. I was very nervous about sending it. Part of me wanted to keep it. The other part wanted you to know how I feel - how I will always feel. It was vulnerable and… Continue reading Beautiful War

Love Looks Like

Why are some people so afraid to open up their hearts to love and falling in love? I get it. The thought of all of it is scary.┬áThe vulnerability of showing someone else who you truly are. The hesitation from memories of previous experiences. The thought of them not loving all of you after they… Continue reading Love Looks Like