New Rules

I'm a fucking pendeja. I have no idea what I'm doing. Here I am, getting back into your life. Knowing there's nothing but pain at the end of this road. Knowing there's nothing but pain along the way. Knowing I'm just going to be disappointed and hurt and upset. I should know better. I should… Continue reading New Rules



I will always love you. Always. It still hurts. Seeing you makes it worse. Talking to you makes it unbearable. Thinking about you is killing me. I miss you. I want you back. I fucking miss you. I still feel like we were meant to be. I still feel like we should have worked out.… Continue reading Unknown

Set Sail

Hello crossroads, we meet again. I decided that I should explore all of my feelings and the reasoning behind them before you decide you want to talk, so consider this an open letter for you and for myself. So, James. Here I am, once again confused, once again unsure, once again lost, because even though… Continue reading Set Sail