Beautiful War

I wrote you a letter. I poured out my heart, my feelings, my soul. I'm sure you've read it by now. I was very nervous about sending it. Part of me wanted to keep it. The other part wanted you to know how I feel - how I will always feel. It was vulnerable and… Continue reading Beautiful War


Million Reasons

I began writing this while sitting out in public, but about three sentences in, began crying and shaking uncontrollably. I wanted to stop and just delete all of it, it hurts too much thinking about it and reliving it and I feel my heart shattering piece by piece once again the more I write. But… Continue reading Million Reasons

Die Trying

When do you know it is safe to let your guard down and just be happy? I think I've lost all possibility of shielding myself from pain. I've let you in with no restrictions. I've allowed myself to embrace everything about you. I've gone past the point of turning back. I just want to enjoy… Continue reading Die Trying