In the spirit of animosity, I’ll try to reveal as much personal information as I can about the woman behind the blog without actually revealing the woman behind the blog. I currently live in Texas and go to the University of Texas, but right now I’m in the middle of my year off that I decided I needed to take for the sake of my emotional and physical health. I have an amazing support system that consists of my family, best friends, and everyone else in my life, who I’ll probably mention throughout my posts, or even dedicate a post to. I love to travel and hope to add at least three more countries this year to my list of countries I’ve traveled, I’m trying to do 25 countries by 25 so fingers crossed! Maybe I’ll add another section just for my travel stories in the future, if I finally get to work through whatever depressive state I’m in right now. I tend to ramble a lot and my thoughts wander off so I get off topic quite a bit, hopefully I’ll get better about staying on topic in the future, but for now, I apologize. I workout a lot, but I’m not as fit as I’d like to be, and am dealing with a lot of body image and confidence issues currently. Then again, it’s all part of the process of self love and appreciation that I’m working on. Anything else you need to know, I’ll slowly reveal throughout my posts. 💕