Am I destined to self destruct when everything is going perfect? Everything was perfect. You were perfect. We were perfect. For a small second in time, everything was absolutely perfect. I was so happy. You were happy. We were happy. We took one step in the right direction. We declared our intentions and finally expressed… Continue reading Upright


Our Love

Is there a difference between pure bliss or blinded bliss? WOW WHAT AN EVENTFUL PAST WEEK. It has been truly truly truly magical and blissful. I've spent every night since last Sunday with him, except for Friday and Saturday night, and every night was insanely amazing. Everything was comfortable and exciting and natural. I look… Continue reading Our Love

Die Trying

When do you know it is safe to let your guard down and just be happy? I think I've lost all possibility of shielding myself from pain. I've let you in with no restrictions. I've allowed myself to embrace everything about you. I've gone past the point of turning back. I just want to enjoy… Continue reading Die Trying