Give It To Me Straight

Why don't we ever let others know exactly how we feel? I just want you to be honest with me. I just want you to tell me what you want. I just want you to tell me what you expect from us. Maybe then I can decide what I want. Just give it to me straight.… Continue reading Give It To Me Straight



How do we let ourselves stay trapped in the same vicious cycles? I should know better. I do know better. It's so easy for me to argue logic to someone else. It's so easy for me to analyze a situation that doesn't apply to me and find a simple, obvious solution to it. Honestly, I… Continue reading Disorder

Love Looks Like

Why are some people so afraid to open up their hearts to love and falling in love? I get it. The thought of all of it is scary. The vulnerability of showing someone else who you truly are. The hesitation from memories of previous experiences. The thought of them not loving all of you after they… Continue reading Love Looks Like


Does it take time for someone to realize they're meant to be with someone? I've always believed that once you meet the right person, you'll immediately know. What if I'm wrong? What if it takes time to truly get to know someone? What if you don't know right away? I'm hoping that's the case with… Continue reading Electric